Carving a Niche in CNC Woodworking

East Coast CNC

East Coast CNC, a startup in the niche market of CNC woodworking, faced the initial challenge of creating brand awareness in a specialized field. This case study highlights how our comprehensive digital marketing approach successfully introduced their brand and raised interest in their craft.

Building a Brand from the Ground Up

With the objective of establishing a strong brand, website, and basic lead generation funnel, our focus was on capturing the essence of East Coast CNC’s expertise in CNC woodworking. Targeting the tri-state area, we aimed to create a digital identity that resonated with their market segment.

Digital Strategy: Website, Branding, and Online Presence

Our strategy embraced a fully digital approach. We developed a website that not only showcased East Coast CNC’s services but also told their story, creating a brand that speaks to the sophistication of their work. Additionally, we concentrated on digital ads and listing directories to enhance their online visibility.

Rapid Success and Market Reception

The new brand was exceptionally well received, and we achieved a significant milestone by going live with the new website and branding in under 30 days. This quick turnaround was crucial in establishing East Coast CNC’s presence in a competitive market.